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AKA Print Design

There are only two types of print marketing materials – those that are left behind on the table after the meeting, and those that earn a permanent real estate in your audience’s hearts. Which ones do you want?

The tremendous amounts of marketing material that people come across on a daily basis has forced the average consumer to be ruthless in terms of spending their attention. It doesn’t take them a fraction of a second to ignore a mediocre marketing material, be it a brochure, catalog, flyer, or any other print material.

In this fiercely competitive environment, Dual Pixel can be a friend that can help you make a lasting impact on your audience’s psyche.

How do we do it?

Marketing is all about psychology. What works for your competitor will not work for you because your audience does not see you the way they see your competitors. Therefore, we never try to replicate your competitors’ success. Instead, we chart a unique growth path for you. We take our extensive knowledge of design elements and principles, and combine it with our in-depth understanding of consumer psychology to create timeless print designs that work spectacularly for our clients.

We design a range of print marketing materials, which include, but are not limited to:

Services include

  • Print Design
  • Billboard Design
  • Catalogs
  • Tradeshow booth design

not limited to

  • Iconography
  • Brochure
  • Billboards
  • Car wrap designs
  • Magazine Ads
  • In-Store Displays
  • Truck/Bus Wraps

At Dual Pixel Creativity Is King

Condition Supplements Logo Design

The Condition Supplements log design was an excellent challenge. The client wanted a logo that promoted not only strength, focus and memory, but something that was targeted toward first responders. We were excited to present them with something that answered all there...

Beauty Theory Logo and Print Material

Beauty Theory is a native Utah startup company. They wanted a logo that was a classic yet slightly edgy. This would speak to a larger demographic of customers that Beauty Theory would be helping to better.

Sno-Go Ski Bike Website

If a snow bike carves up a mountain and no one sees it, does the bike leave a trail? It’s a valid question—or, at least, it’s a good conversation starter. Is the trail just an illusion of the senses? Is the carving of trails a physical process that occurs...

Why Our Designs Excel?

Dual Pixel has a deep understanding of how consumer psychology works, and how it can be influenced with the right design. That’s a formidable combination. We do not create designs that we think are great. We create designs that we know will be great, based on our scientific approach. Subjective biases are minimized and more focus is laid on scientific approaches to create stunning designs that will leave your audience completely impressed by you. Here are some of our core principles:

Simple Layout

Average consumers selectively recognize and retains the most relevant information for them. The more complex a design, the more difficult it becomes for the consumers to identify the relevant bits of an ad. Therefore, Dual Pixel makes use of simple layouts that leverage minimalist design principles to communicate your message more effectively in a simple manner.

emotions vs. Functions

High engagement products require utilitarian messages, while low engagement products require emotional messages to grab consumer attention. Dual Pixel knows exactly how to employ both techniques effectively to entice your customers to your offerings. It’s an art and we are the maestros.

Pursuit of Excellence

When we are engaged by our client to come up with a print media design, we first brainstorm and come up with a creative concept that communicates your brand message in an effective and engaging way. Then we will create the print design. Then, we will improve the design. Then, we will improve the design some more. Again, we will improve the design even more. We will improve it until we are absolutely satisfied with the outcome and are happy with it. It is no coincidence that every print design that comes out of the house of Dual Pixel is a delight to look at.

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