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Case Study

Logo Design Case Study

Beauty Theory logo design process. One of many successful logo design projects.


Plan & Sketch

Beauty Theory previous branding solution was not working. Customers could not relate to the brand, due to the lack of professionally designed logo. So Beauty Theory came to Dual Pixel for a solution. So we started researching the industry, we quickly came to realize the cosmetic and spa/fitness industry was saturated with great design. Beauty Theory communicated the need for a professional, clean, refined, somewhat modern with a twist. So we quickly hit the drawing board.

“Now To turn ideas into designs.”


Design, design, design

Dual Pixel turned ideas into designs and Beauty Theory liked what they saw. We loved the idea of having big and bold text that fit right in on the shelves. Colorful text and bright colors would catch the customers eyes as they walked by the product.

Both Beauty Theory and Dual Pixel loved the clean lines and variation in visual weight, however the client did not feel it was representing the demographic.

Beauty Theory pushed Dual Pixel towards using a circular type of logo. They also wanted to simplify the look and colors of the logo, so Dual Pixel went to task. 

We then turn the design into a logo


Refining the chosen

After taking the request to use a more circular log design from Beauty Theory we presented them with the following. Since Beauty Theory would be selling in the cosmetic/beauty business we wanted a mark that spoke to the customer. Plants are a visual representation of life and the human eye is what we use to view beauty. This left Beauty Theory with a decision to refine or go with one of the following. Beauty Theory decided to take one more step towards a more sleek, simple and modern logo.





OFF White









Selecting the colors

This is Dual Pixel’s favorite part. Diving in and finalizing the logo’s colors can be an adventure on it’s own. A refined teal that is almost grey complimented a bright gold, left Dual Pixel excited to see this logo on some printed materials. The Teal was chosen to be a calming, relaxing and was mostly based off trends of vintage interior design. The past was definitely the future in this logo design process.

et voilà a logo is born


Oh! The beauty!


“Dual Pixel has always exceeded my expectations!  Lawrence excels at thinking out of the box with creative and innovate designs.  I have used Dual Pixel to design graphics and content for several large clients.   I am always impressed with the his creative genius and fresh new designs..”


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