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A fantastic website is not a dealmaker anymore. It’s a starting point. Your website, in addition to being stunning to look at, should feel amazing to use. It should call out to your audience, connect with them, and firmly put your brand message across, while leaving them in awe of your creativity. That’s how you win lifetime customers.

Dual Pixel helps you communicate your brand’s identity, and characteristics with powerful subliminal web design cues to influence your audience, and generate positive reactions towards your brand.

Mobile Ready

All Dual Pixel websites are mobile ready. Using advanced CSS media queries we create a website that looks great on any screen.

Custom Built

Sometimes a template is just not enough. Dual Pixel has created many websites that are completely custom designed and can do the same for you.


Want to sell product online? We have successfully helped companies bring in $100,000+ in sales this year. 

SpeedReady Tech

Dual Pixel’s speed ready tech make websites ready for Google’s speed tests and SEO practices. We using technologies like Gzip, file caching and more to speed up your website.

INstacall method

Instacall presents your customer with a clear easy to click call button as soon as they land on your page. (Most preferably for service based businesses)

TRackable ROI

Is your new Dual PIxel website bringing in more visitors? Was it a good investment? Dual PIxel can tell you in numbers the success of your new website.

A dominating digital presence

Dual Pixel has an unparalleled competence in the various tools of UI/UX designs, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript development. By combining our technical proficiency with our passion for beauty and efficiency, we deliver stunning results that mesmerize our clients’ audiences consistently. As your audience is left spellbound with your virtual presence, you can engage them meaningfully through your blogs, social media, and your website, to offer personalized solutions for all their needs.

Dual Pixel’s expertise with digital technologies covers eCommerce websites, catalog style websites, blogs, WordPress websites, and a variety of other digital platforms. Our awesome banners for Google ads and Facebook ads will work spectacularly to grab your audience’s attention and drive them to your website.


We develop robust, efficient, and secure e-commerce websites that make it an amazing experience for your audience to shop on your website. We offer end-to-end e-commerce web solutions, from integrating shopping carts to setting up payment gateways for your website.


Catalogue Style websites allow you to showcase all of your products in their full glory. Display multiple images of a product, provide extensive product information, share reviews, and upsell using our powerful algorithms that provide highly relevant recommendations to your audience.


Microsites are a brand or company’s auxiliary websites that are created for the specific purpose of promoting a product, service, or event. Our microsite services will boost the popularity of your products and services to a whole new level.

At Dual Pixel Designs, creativity is King

Utah Physical Therapy Website

The Utah Physical Therapy website was created to support UPTS' clients. It is a portal for payment and also is used to schedule appointments and reserve their placement for seminars. facebookinstagramlinkedinyoutubevimeotwitterWe'll get you back to the things you enjoy!

Badlands AFX Camoflauge Micro Site

Technology is everything in the hunting world and Badlands wanted to show off their new Camoflauge tech. So we created a website that was clean, techy and bold, showing off the beautiful camo product and beautiful lifestyle photography to sell the hunting dream.

My Studio ID – Interior Designer Website

My Studio Id is a Premium interior design studio that specializes in restaurant interior design. They needed a website that showed off their work with large imagery and detailed information. We provided all that and more.

Marketing Collaterals

Impressing your audience when they are already on your website is one thing. But, engaging them and exciting them elsewhere is a different ballgame altogether. Compounding their difficulties is the fact that an average consumer is exposed to anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 brand messages, every single day. The end consumer hardly remembers 5 or 10 out of them. With Dual Pixel on your side, your brand will be among those elusive 5-10 memory spots occupied by the brands that manage to emerge out of the clutter.

Impressing your audience when they are already on your website is one thing. But, engaging them and exciting them elsewhere is a different ballgame altogether.

Contact us today to take your business to the next level. If you want to know more about how we create a top-notch SEO Ready website, and boost you in Google’s rankings, get in touch with us at

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