Lights, camera, action


Everybody loves stories. Good stories survive the test of time. And, what is the best way to tell a story? A brilliant video. Dual Pixel is an extraordinary storyteller. We will create stories through our brilliant video production skills that will leave your audience in complete awe. The video stories that we create will help you communicate your brand’s messages in the most effective way.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are exciting digital additions to videos that turn simple videos into a wonderful, eye-catching entertainment media. Brands can employ motion graphics in their videos to dazzle their audience and win over their trust and approval.


Before a video is made, a lot of effort goes into thinking, brainstorming, and finalizing a concept for the video. Brilliant and on-point videos have compelling scripts, great stories, the right talent, and perfect locations, all of which requires the right expertise to deliver.

Video Production

The actual video shoot is as much an art as it is science. It takes a director with vision, actors with talent, a passionate off-screen team, and many other people to produce a captivating video. Dual Pixel has the right team in place for the job.

How do we do it?

Dual Pixel can help you devise the most potent video strategy for your brand. By employing the right mix of video types, we can create a series of engaging videos that can achieve a variety of business goals for you.

The video production team members at Dual Pixel are masters in animated explainer video production. They have produced numerous explainer videos for a variety of brands. We develop simple yet exciting explainer videos that elucidate what your business does, and how you do it.

Then there are the spokesperson videos which enable businesses to give a personal touch to their audiences. We bring in highly talented professional actors to create exceptional spokesperson videos or commercials that help you engage your audience on a personal level, which a bland corporate video cannot achieve.

At Dual Pixel, creativity is King

Why? Because we are better

Dual Pixel has a deep understanding of how consumer psychology works, and how it can be influenced with the right design. That’s a formidable combination. We do not create designs that we think are great. We create designs that we know will be great, based on our scientific approach. Subjective biases are minimized and more focus is laid on scientific approaches to create stunning designs that will leave your audience completely impressed by you. Here are some of our core principles:

Why Cycles

Why Cyles needed a video to show off their unique style of bikes. The product is beautiful, the experience is amazing and now everyone can see it.

All the right stuff

Dual Pixel has gimbals, microphones, lights, 4K cameras, 4k drones and more. Anything you need we either have or can get, with the exception of actors (we are not the best actors).

So, stop producing dull and boring videos, and start making memorable impressions on your audience by showcasing your product features, benefits, and brand highlights. Of course, this isn’t easy. That’s why you have Dual Pixel to take care of the difficult part. To get your target audience to revere you, get in touch with us right away at

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