Cafe rio's spicy microsite

Promoting a new product in a exciting and spicy new way

Mobile first design

Cafe Rio was going to be advertising through Social Media and standard media networks. We knew that the result would lead mobile first customers to the website. So the team came up with a solution that invited their friends to join them for lunch to enjoy the new spicy product. Cafe Rio also wanted an interactive quiz that was clever, fun and mobile friendly. The interactive experience was successful and customers were excited to learn about the product in a new way.

Interactive quiz

Cafe Rio wanted a mobile ready quiz that would allow customers to see if the Spicy product would be suitable for them. The answer was yes, yes and yes. The Spicy product is for everyone and the quiz was a clever and funny way to prove it.

This project was an excellent example of how Dual Pixel designs can meet your custom design requirements.

meet me for lunch

Upon clicking the share button on the microsite customers were presented with the following option. That’s right! It was already populated with text all the customer would have to do is hit share and all the friends would be invite to a spicy new lunch experience.

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