California Fish Grill Kiosk Design

 A complete overhaul of the standard experience. Dual Pixel was tasked to create a user experience that not only cleanly displayed California Fish Grill's delicious food but more importantly allowed customers to quickly and easily order the delicious food.

Badlands AFX Camoflauge Micro Site

Technology is everything in the hunting world and Badlands wanted to show off their new Camoflauge tech. So we created a website that was clean, techy and bold, showing off the beautiful camo product and beautiful lifestyle photography to sell the hunting...

Beauty Theory Logo and Print Material

Beauty Theory is a native Utah startup company. They wanted a logo that was a classic yet slightly edgy. This would speak to a larger demographic of customers that Beauty Theory would be helping to better.

My Studio ID – Interior Designer Website

My Studio Id is a Premium interior design studio that specializes in restaurant interior design. They needed a website that showed off their work with large imagery and detailed information. We provided all that and more.

Sno-Go Ski Bike Website

If a snow bike carves up a mountain and no one sees it, does the bike leave a trail? It’s a valid question—or, at least, it’s a good conversation starter. Is the trail just an illusion of the senses? Is the carving of trails a physical process that occurs...

Why Cycles Digital Solution

Why Cycles is a 2016 small startup company that chose Dual Pixel Designs as their digital solutions provider. Why Cycles wanted to sell their product online with customizable options. Dual Pixel Designs delivered what they wanted and more. We designed the website,...

Dual Pixel Video Promotions

Dual Pixel passion for creativity reflects in every aspect of our business. Our Video team has been working with clients in the health medical field, adventure and even food.

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