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GOD BLESS                                                                          PAGE: 3 // 7

            WHAT EXACTLY IS

             PROJECT JERICHO?

 WORSHIPING                                  AN  INTRODUCTION

 JESUS                                          OUR LIVES THROUGH WORSHIP, AND TO USE
                                                 PROJECT JERICHO WAS CREATED FOR TWO
                                                   REASONS: TO TEAR DOWN THE WALLS IN

                                                WORSHIP TO UNITE PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT
                                                       CHURCHES AND BACKGROUNDS.

        GOD IS                                Where did the idea of Project    throne room to give Him glory

                                                                               and praise. We want to use
                                              Jericho come from? Joshua
                                                                               these events to unite God’s
                                              chapter 6. The Israelites
        LOVE.                                 marched around the walls of      children. A time where we

                                              Jericho and on the seventh
                                                                               can bring down the walls
                                                                               between different styles and
                                              time, the trumpets sounded.
        9.17                                  The Israelites shouted to God    backgrounds, and where we

                                                                               can bring down the walls in
                                              and the walls came tumbling
                                              down. In the same way, we

                                                                               burdens to God.
                                              want to use worship to God       our own lives by bringing our
                                              to bring down the walls in
 . . . TEAR  DOWN  THE  WALLS  IN  OUR        our lives. Worship through

 LIVES  THROUGH  WORSHIP . . .                music is a very special time

                                              where we can enter God’s
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