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                                               T H E  L OGO

                                                         A I N T R O B Y
                                                      Lawrence Magana

                                     There are only two types of marketing materials – those that
                                     are “left behind on the table” and those that earn permanent
                                     real estate in your audience’s hearts. Which one do you

                                     It’s easy to ignore a mediocre marketing material, be it a
                                     brochure, catalog, flyer, or any other print material.
                                     This is why it is so important to have a logo and look than
                                     leaves a positive impact on the customers psyche.

                                     A Brands Logo and Look should always match that of the
                                     quality of service.

                                     Founder & CEO
                                     Lawrence Magana
                                     Dual Pixel, Utah
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