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At Badlands, we’ve always looked up to brands that push the envelope – brands that live and breathe technology, performance and quality.
                                                           Brands whose No. 1 priority is customer satisfaction.

                                   WELCOME TO BADLANDS

                                            Unconditional Warranty, Quality, Technology and Performance

                        Badlands is a place where a simple hunting story can spawn an entire new product line, or a phone
                          call with a customer can lead us in a direction we never imagined. It’s a place where nobody has

                         to ask, “Where’s Steve?” because everyone knows he’s out in the mountains of our backyard, doing

                            product research by throwing a pack down the hill or trekking through the thickest brush he
                           can find. It’s a place of vision, of organized chaos and an unconditional desire to make the best
                                                 hunting gear on the planet. It’s a place we built for you.

                                          Brand guide for Badlands brand | 2018 |   Dual Pixel LLC
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