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We know that Aloha Online Ordering is the best thing since sliced bread. We also know that the out of the box solution doesn’t reflect your brand colors, fonts or
                         interactions. Dual Pixel can help you create an Online Ordering Experience that will create returning customers and not drive them away.


                               Easy to navigate, easy to use and visually impactful Aloha Online Ordering Solutions.

               Dual Pixel specializes in Aloha Online Ordering                      Dual Pixel is capable of creating animations and

               design. Our team has helped companies using Aloha                    branded content to make the online ordering
               Online create Online Ordering experiences that are                   experience come alive.
               easy to navigate, easy to use and visually impactful.

               Our job is to maximize the visual impact of your brand               A Clean User Interface leads to faster less stressful
               using Aloha Online’s native features. Our clients have               orders. Faster orders = More Sales. Less Frustrated

               reported higher sales after our Web Design and User                  Customer = Returning Customers.
               Experience Design team has “re-designed” the Aloha

               Online Ordering experience. Our clients experience
               growth in Online Ordering and you can too!

                                                 Aloha Online Solutions | 2018 |   Dual Pixel LLC
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